Started "Working Out"

I intermittantly went to the gym, mostly to do biceps curls and benchpress. I went through periods where I would train alot and then periods where I wouldn't. Definetly skipped a few leg days.

Got Strong

COVID-19 was hitting the world and I started hitting the weights every day. I was at home for two years straight and worked out in my spare time. This consistency resulted in a 285lb squat, 245lb benchpress and a 405 deadlift.

Messed up

Things were going well until one morning I got a little to cocky and tried to use more weight than I should have. The first set resulted in some pain and the second set resulted in me being unable to hinge at the hips for months.

Acquired Knowledge

I tried everything to fix myself while working around my injury. I dedicated as much time as I could to learning about health and fitness and eventually got my first certification.

Fixing Myself

After getting another certification and multiple specializtions, I've gotten back to where I was and am slowly progressing further. Working with clients and helping them overcome their own weaknesses and injuries.

Diversifying my Experience

Working with athletes, elderly, and just everyday people who are looking to feel stronger and more confident. I've now been a personal trainer for over two years and have worked with people as young as 9 years old and as old as 98 years old.